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From Book 1: When he reached the front of the platform, Prince Tobias was forced to his knees by the guards before they left him in the hands of the black-hooded executioners. He started to tremble, and his breathing came faster and louder, whistling through his broken nose.
Up on the balcony, King Trent raised his hand, and the whole courtyard fell quiet. “The prisoner has pleaded guilty to the use of magic and murder,” he said loudly. “The sentence is death.”
Magic is outlawed in the kingdom of Cyan. Nearly all magic-users were driven out of the country decades ago under King Trent’s radical laws, sending the enchanters to the farthest reaches of the land as they awaited a more tolerant ruler. However, Trent doesn’t know that his own son, Tobias, descends from the ancient, Mystian bloodline or that Firestorm, the only magician in the country, has secretly taken the young prince under his wing.
When Tobias uses magic to save Firestorm’s daughter from a violent attack, he is ripped away from his life as a privileged prince and expectant father in a loveless marriage, and his is thrown into the middle of a battle between magicians and Lahoflon, a power-hungry lord with his eye on Cyan’s crown. The fate of the country rests on Tobias’s shoulders. Can he figure out how to stop Lahoflon? Will Tobias even survive?

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